Top Chef Recap – Season 13, Episode 15 (Finale)

I’ve never recapped the finale of Season 13 of Top Chef, even though it’s now over two years since it aired.

After Marjorie was voted off I didn’t care who won. I so didn’t care that I’ve never even watched that last episode.

Jeremy won. I barely remember which one he was. The straight white male one I’m guessing.

I’ll tell you who I do remember, though. Hot hipster bear Chad.


Hi Chad! How are you?

The answer is “fine!”

I haven’t recapped the two following Top Chef seasons. Because the human need for sleep. Maybe I’ll recap Season 16. I would like more “Chad”-types on the show, however. Here’s an example of what I mean by “Chad”-type…

Sigh. And woooooof!

So this is my unofficial recap of the finale and my official goodbye to Season 13. It was fun while it lasted. We got to see lots of Chad. And I’ve subsequently seen even more. Sigh…

You’re welcome.

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