What Your Underwear Party Attire Reveals About You

Underwear Strip

We call them “underwear” parties but typically you’ll find a whole array of garments on display there.  Presenting the Himsical guide to what your underwear party attire reveals you.

Designer briefs/trunks
I bought these especially for tonight.

Non-designer briefs/trunks
This is the nicest underwear in my drawer.

Underwear with holes
This was the only clean underwear in my drawer.

Gym shorts
There was no clean underwear in my drawer.

There was no clean underwear in my drawer but I got creative.

Plain cotton boxers
I could pass as straight.

Silk boxers
I could pass as straight and I’m rich.

Novelty boxers
I could pass as straight and I’m hilarious.

Metallic briefs
Who wants to pass as straight?

Novelty briefs
The guy in metallic briefs is trying to pass as 29 – and failing.

Briefs with the ass cut out
I’m so first in line to be fucked tonight.

Actually, the “getting fucked tonight” line starts behind me.

Tightie whities
I hope I douched well enough.

Stained underwear
I didn’t douche well enough.

Leather underwear
Is it hot in here or is it me?

Rubber underwear
No, it’s really hot in here!

Leather harness
I’m hardcore.

Assless chaps
No, I’m hardcore.

Underwear with fake animal tail
You’re both wrong, I’m hardcore!

Butt plug with fake animal tail
Bitches, please!

Wrestling one-piece
Sniff my pits!

Ordinary street clothes
I just like to watch.

Posing briefs
I has the muscles!

Bicycle shorts
I’m getting up at 7am for a 40 km ride!

Underwear with braces/suspenders
I’m a hipster.

I’m looking for a daddy.

Me want daddy too.

Women’s panties
How about a mummy instead?

I’ve got Scots in me – want Scots in you?

I’m an exhibitionist.

I’m an exhibitionist!

See-Through Underwear
I’m the real exhibitionist!

Bitches, please!

Underwear Strip 2

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